How to Fix Sound Not Working On Asus Laptop Windows 10

Fix Issue: Sound Not Working On Asus Laptop

Sound not working on asus laptop /computer or sound goes to mute every time when you restart the computer, became a biggest issue for every users. If you will take a look on social community forum then you will find there are millions of people, who are for sound issue. Even they are asus laptop users, hp laptop or any other brand’s laptop user. This problem comes occasionally with laptop users and shows little hard to fix for non technical users. Why this issue usually comes with asus laptop. Is it because of hardware issue? Or it is because of software issue. Lets take a look and find the instructions to fix the sound problem.

Sound not working on Asus Laptop

Causes Of Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop / Computer –

Actually if take a deep look on sound problem, we will find this problem is coming with new operating systems mostly like ( microsoft windows8.1 or windows 10). While sound issue comes rarely in old microsoft operating systems. The issue might because of following common issues:

  • Bad update
  • Sound is muted.
  • Drivers are outdated.
  • Hardware issue.

How To Fix The Issue Sound Is Not Working On Asus Laptop –

Bad Update May Cause The Sound Issue – if you have turn on the automatic update in windows operating system. This might possible, you have gotten a bad update and that’s why sound might not working in your asus computer. So turn off the automatic windows update.

Sound is muted- you might feel, this is a silly sound trouleshooting step. But usually sometime we mute the sound by mistake. So you should try to press f2 button in your asus laptop. Just to make sure sound is not muted.

Drivers are outdated- do you know, your sound will stop working if your sound driver is outdated? So you should go to device manager property and check for driver update if needed.

If you have made any update in your computer. Do not forget to restart your computer. Once you will restart it then only you should try to check the sound and i am sure you will get the sound in your asus laptop.

Hardware issue- if you have tried all steps mentioned above but you still haven’t fix your sound problem then issues might be related to hardware. So you should try to install an external speaker and then check the sound is working now or not.